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Engage remote teams with our uniquely fun activity that can be tailored to suit internal values and goals

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Maintaining team morale can be a challenge when getting together is no longer possible so we’ve created a virtual activity that energises and entertains groups of all types.

What is Pose Party?

Pose Party is the world’s first competitive posing game playable by large groups of people located anywhere on the planet. You can see a detailed description of how the game works here.

How is it used for team building?

Whether used as an icebreaker before a meeting or as a memorable way to meet new people at a networking event Pose Party is a high energy, fun activity.

The game can be customised so that it promotes company values and can be branded too, if required.

What outcomes does the game produce?

At its core Pose Party encourages lighthearted self-expression and interaction between the players. It’s a conversation starter and a memory-maker that enables co-workers to rediscover the bonds that working at a distance has disrupted.

Why does Pose Party work as a team building exercise?

1: Amazing hosts
2: No app needed
3: Easy to play
4: Hilariously funny

If you’d like to see a more detailed description of how the game works, click here.

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