Pose Party in 5 Simple Steps

a group of our amazing hosts having fun

Step 1

Meet your amazing host

a group of our amazing hosts having fun

Join one of our hosts on a video call (any platform) and they will be your guide through the game.

They’ll make sure your guests are energised and ready to play and give feedback on how everyone is doing.

Want to host your friends? Head over to Pose.Party and you can start playing for free!

Step 2

Join your game

poseparty qr code

Once everyone is warmed up the host will share the game’s web address.

No app download is required so joining a game is as simple as visiting a website!

ps. If you scan the QR code you can go and try the game for free!

poseparty qr code

Step 3

It's posing time!

Once the game begins a pose will appear on everyone’s screens and you’ll all have 30 seconds to capture your best attempts.

The poses are customisable and range from easy options like ‘Peace’ – as seen here – to whatever your imagination can conjure.

Step 4

Score your opponents

When the timer runs out and the entries are all in it’s time to score your opponents. The host doesn’t decide who wins, you do!

You’ll swipe left, right or up on the other player’s pictures marking them Bad, Good or Great in the process. Seeing how differently people interpret the same poses is wildly funny.

girl with brown hair celebrating after winning a game

Step 5

The winner is revealed!

girl with brown hair celebrating after winning a game

When a few different rounds have been played and the scores have been tallied it’s time to announce the winner!

A gallery of all the entries are available to all the players but only one of you takes away the glory.

Let's do something fun together!